High Hazard Payroll

High Hazard Payroll

TalentBurst offers a highly differentiated High Hazard payroll service that focuses on helping our customers safely manage their Light and Heavy industrial worker populations.

Over the past 10 years we have developed comprehensive SOPs to manage Light Industrial (LI) and Heavy Industrial (HI) workers, including documented workman’s compensation procedures, and have worked very closely with our insurer to ensure that our clients are always protected by correctly classifying all their workers and ensuring the right premiums are paid based on their job descriptions, class codes and locations.


Mitigate Risk

Many MSPs struggle to find suppliers who can overcome the challenges associated with payrolling a high hazard workforce which include workers in high-risk environments such as warehouses, distribution centers, labs, assembly lines, and cafeterias.

With countless job titles and job descriptions on the market, assigning the accurate class codes can be extremely difficult. Leave it to the experts and