As your single Employer of Record (EOR), TalentBurst is responsible for ensuring your workforce is compliant with all insurance limits and regulatory agencies while delivering a positive worker experience.

Here are some of the benefits our clients receive with our EOR services:


As a tech-forward organization, TalentBurst has committed to leveraging disruptive technology which has led to seamless onboarding, huge cost savings for our customers, and flexible payment options. We are now able to pay our workers rapidly, and by rapidly we mean INSTANTLY. Very few EORs have a robust technology stack that can support quick and flexible payments to their workers, which is a critical component of the Gig-Economy.

While technology helps to drive operational efficiency, we believe in putting the “human” in human touch.  We have a dedicated Employee Outreach team that engages with workers during the course of their assignment.  This team is focused on providing exceptional support by answering assignment related questions, sending out important updates, conducting worker check-ins and surveys, and more.

If you’re looking for an EOR who can support a high risk workforce, please check out our High Hazard Payroll solution. Unsure of which solution best fits your needs? Contact us today.